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Amateur Radio Club

Contact Person: President John S English
Email: aa3ow@verizon.net
Phone: 410-665-4980

When your Vonage, Comcast, or FiOS phone line goes dead because of a storm or power failure, "who ya gonna call???" NOBODY!!!

Amateur radio is the only system of communications that is resilient to storms and disruptions to the power and communications grid and works as long as your batteries or home generator hold up. With amateur radio you can make phone calls around the world without a phone line! You can even surf the web and update your Facebook page via a radio modem!

When all else fails, amateur radio works--find out about this exciting hobby. The Boumi Radio Club can help you get started and even help you take the test to get on the air! FYI, you don’t need to learn the dot and dash stuff anymore!

The Radio Club meets at 6 p.m. at Boumi on Business Meeting Nights.

A little club history: In April of 1989 the Amateur Radio Club was the youngest Club in Boumi Temple. At the 1988 Circus, the many benefits that radio communications could offer were discussed with the Circus Manager. Two Nobles met and decided to "test the waters" regarding the establishment of a radio club.

On April 7, 1989, the first meeting was held, with nine hams (radio operators) and Second Ceremonial Master Robert Simmons attending. All present agreed to start the Club and were pleased when Illustrious Sir Ferd J. Einschutz signed the bylaws on April 20, 1989, creating an official Club.

Citizens band and amateur radios were used at the 1989 Circus and proved to be very effective. Since then, assistance has been provided at the Temple Oyster Roasts, MASA Parades, Bonnie Blink Fall Harvest Days, and the Feast of El Medinah. Cell phones, so common today, had not appeared on the scene.

The Club has installed communication facilities at Bonnie Blink. The first Club officers were: President Noble Vernon Young (K3VY); Vice President Ted Provenza (W3OWN) Secretary, Dick Kraft (K3ZRZ): Treasurer, John Smith (KA3FRB).

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